Tomorrow is the big day!

I’ve been cleaning out cupboards and freezers and getting rid of all my junk food and chocolate stashes.  Looks like I’ll come out just about right with the treat supplies running out just in time.  I may have to throw out a cookie or two but nothing serious.  Funny how that’s oddly important – god forbid some of this crappy food should go to waste!  Throwing away perfectly good cookie dough just doesn’t sit right.

And why does anyone think Marie Calendar’s TV dinners are good?  500 calories of grossness!  If I’m going to eat 500 calories I would hope they’d taste better than that!  Ew!

I’m a little nervous, hoping I don’t fail.  This seems different – do or die, quite literally. I could list out the physical consequences I’ve suffered or haven’t suffered yet but it seems like a paltry list compared to other people. My knees hurt. My cholesterol is high. My head aches from sugar withdrawls. Blood relatives have suffered through diabetes and gastric surgery.

And there’s the little things like how the horizontal part of my belly gets cold under my jacket.  There isn’t supposed to be a horizontal part.

It’s time.


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