My Dealer, Baskin-Robbins

There are three Baskin-Robbins within three miles of my house. In my worst eating days, I was in the habit of stopping by once a day, and a few times I even went twice in one day.  That was the beauty of there being three of them!  Rotate!

When I was a youngster our biggest adventure was riding our bikes to the Baskin-Robbins and getting as much ice cream as we could afford.  Back then I liked hot fudge brownie sundaes with chocolate mint ice cream, but somewhere along the line I switched to Chocolate Mouse Royale, which is a creamy medium chocolate with delicate chocolate chips in it.  I crave this ice cream more than any other treat, and usually have it on a waffle cone.

Yesterday I found out I didn’t get a job that I wanted and it really made me want to say “F— it” and eat a handful of chocolate chips and peanut butter.  Why didn’t I throw away those chocolate chips?  I guess I thought they’d be a somewhat clean treat with strawberries but they are proving too tempting!  The craving was so intense I thought I’d surely succumb.  I knew if I allowed myself a handful that it would become two or three.

I resorted to having a half a Atkins dark chocolate shake and amazingly, it did the trick!  I was pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes it’s just a bit that needs flipping.


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