Tae No!

Today I pulled out my fitness DVDs.  It was extra rainy and windy out and I wanted to get going on the exercise portion of my health plan. I remembered Tae Bo being fairly accessible when I used to do it but I couldn’t find my Basic workout DVD and popped in the Advanced one instead.  How hard could it be? It’s just fake kickboxing, right?

Wow. I am out of shape!  About 10 minutes in I couldn’t keep pace even doing vague approximations of the moves. I was begging for him to slow down and had to resort to taking long water breaks and fast forwarding over the last half to get to the cool down.

I like the combination of aerobics and boxing and Billy Blanks is mostly tolerable.  The production was dated and the music was pretty cheesy as well – I may have to update my DVD collection.

At least I made the effort!  First workout in years!


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