First jog

Yesterday I went on my first jog.  Well, if I walked 95% of it it’s not really going on a “jog” but I purposefully ran segments of the walk so it’s a jog in my book!  I don’t ever remember doing that in the past; I’ve always avoided jogging, even when I was in a working out phase – I just walked really fast on the treadmill. I took my dog and he was happy to be running – or it was more like trotting for him.  He looked up at me and I’m not sure he was just happy or concerned at this strange turn of events. He probably thought I was going to keel over and so did I at one point when I was going up hill and pushing really hard. I just kept trying to make it to some kind of marker like a mailbox or stop sign so I could remember how far I could run and compare it as I make progress in my fitness.  Right now I can’t really run more than a half a block at a time without my legs seizing up.  I’ll stretch next time.

My sister started running seriously in the last year and I’ve been so inspired by her.  She’s run 5 or 6 half marathons and a full marathon in Niagara Falls that looked so beautiful!  I can’t imagine having a body that could actually do that.  I’m going to start imagining!  It would be really fun to run together.  I hope I can reach that level of fitness.  Maybe not a full marathon but I want to at least run a 5k this year.

Today I am so sore from Tae Bo (and running I guess).  Hard to believe that punching an imaginary speed bag would make me this sore throughout my entire upper body!  I’ll give Billy Blanks some props – he was motivating.

Guess what? After week one I’ve lost 5 lbs! Yay!  The first 10 comes off really quickly – they go much more slowly after that.


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