My dog is my inspiration

When I first saw Cash’s picture I’ll admit that I judged him harshly.  His head was way too big for his body – he had a pig belly!  It was only upon reading his description on Petfinder that I gave him a second chance. He was “devoted, gentle and sweet” and at 2 years old was ready to live out a long life in a new home. It was a happy accident that I stumbled upon him at the shelter – I’d gone to see another dog but recognized him immediately.  He looked very mellow and a bit overwhelmed so I introduced him to my other dog and the rest is history.

His description said he was 50 lbs but I could see that he was probably a bit over that.  I was shocked when I got him to the vet and found that he was 70.4 lbs!  Holy mackerel!  He had about 15 lbs to lose and on a body that small that’s a huge amount.  Imagine someone was 210 lbs and had 45 lbs to lose so he could be 165. You could tell when he walked – his front legs bowed out to the side and his gait was uneven.  I worried he might have joint damage but the vet assured me with a strict diet and consistent exercise he would be as good as new (sound familiar?).  If I care enough about a dog to ensure he lives a healthy lifestyle, why wouldn’t I care enough about myself to do the same?

Just six months later – look at him!  He’s down at least 10 lbs and looks like a totally different dog.  Happier too 🙂 So inspiring!

Summer 2011:

March 2012:


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