I joined Eastside Gym!

I joined a gym by my house called Eastside Gym!  I used to belong to the ProClub, which was a bit too Country Club for me, and because it was a work perk you never knew when you were going to run into one of your coworkers.  The main benefit of the ProClub was its location – only 5 minutes from my house and even closer to work.  Location is my main criteria, closely followed by vibe.

I looked into 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and LA Fitness but Eastside Gym was the closest to my house and upon reading their reviews on Google and Yelp, which said it was a no-frills, unpretentious gym with a Cheers feel at a bargain price I decided to pay it a visit.  I was welcomed by the owner and felt that it would be a comfortable place for me to start working out again.

I paid my first visit this morning and ran my first installment of my C2K5 program and then did arm free weights for about 20 minutes, ending with the ab machine.  The gym is a little rough around the edges but it feels good.


Couch to 5k – ready, set, go!

I found this great Couch to 5k running plan to go literally from being a couch potato to running a 5k in 9 weeks and I am so excited about it!  I discovered it from Inhabit the Beauty who I discovered from Skinny Emmie.  I’m really loving the weight loss blogging community!

I used an awesome free app called C25K Trainer, which told me when to switch and counted down time for me.  I really appreciated it – was so glad I found it. You can use it with your own music on your iPhone and it even Tweets out your progress if you want it to. It’s available in the iTunes App Store.  There are a lot of other apps that do similar things but I thought this one looked the best.

So the first week in the plan has me walking 5 minutes and then spending 20 minutes alternating between jogging 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds. It doesn’t sound hard on paper but it is for me – I have never run that much since grade school, even when I was in a working out phase.  I made the mistake of not stretching out the first time I tried it and within 15 seconds my calves were giant balls of fire!  I’m now recalling the time spent stretching them out back when I used to work out.  Lesson learned!  I made it about 10 minutes before I literally could not bear the pain.  Second attempt was at the gym today and I made it!  I took about four breaks where I stretched out my burning calves and got my heart rate down from a ridiculous level (it was about 160 and needed to be 144) but I made it all the way through.  I didn’t Tweet my progress but I thought about it 😉

First jog

Yesterday I went on my first jog.  Well, if I walked 95% of it it’s not really going on a “jog” but I purposefully ran segments of the walk so it’s a jog in my book!  I don’t ever remember doing that in the past; I’ve always avoided jogging, even when I was in a working out phase – I just walked really fast on the treadmill. I took my dog and he was happy to be running – or it was more like trotting for him.  He looked up at me and I’m not sure he was just happy or concerned at this strange turn of events. He probably thought I was going to keel over and so did I at one point when I was going up hill and pushing really hard. I just kept trying to make it to some kind of marker like a mailbox or stop sign so I could remember how far I could run and compare it as I make progress in my fitness.  Right now I can’t really run more than a half a block at a time without my legs seizing up.  I’ll stretch next time.

My sister started running seriously in the last year and I’ve been so inspired by her.  She’s run 5 or 6 half marathons and a full marathon in Niagara Falls that looked so beautiful!  I can’t imagine having a body that could actually do that.  I’m going to start imagining!  It would be really fun to run together.  I hope I can reach that level of fitness.  Maybe not a full marathon but I want to at least run a 5k this year.

Today I am so sore from Tae Bo (and running I guess).  Hard to believe that punching an imaginary speed bag would make me this sore throughout my entire upper body!  I’ll give Billy Blanks some props – he was motivating.

Guess what? After week one I’ve lost 5 lbs! Yay!  The first 10 comes off really quickly – they go much more slowly after that.

Tae No!

Today I pulled out my fitness DVDs.  It was extra rainy and windy out and I wanted to get going on the exercise portion of my health plan. I remembered Tae Bo being fairly accessible when I used to do it but I couldn’t find my Basic workout DVD and popped in the Advanced one instead.  How hard could it be? It’s just fake kickboxing, right?

Wow. I am out of shape!  About 10 minutes in I couldn’t keep pace even doing vague approximations of the moves. I was begging for him to slow down and had to resort to taking long water breaks and fast forwarding over the last half to get to the cool down.

I like the combination of aerobics and boxing and Billy Blanks is mostly tolerable.  The production was dated and the music was pretty cheesy as well – I may have to update my DVD collection.

At least I made the effort!  First workout in years!